Sunday, December 20, 2009

Mandatory Voting…

Democracy, like everyone is aware of, is a government which ensures equality and freedom (at least in theory). As much as we are never fully happy about any politician (many a time for rightful reasons), there is hardly anything we do to make sure that things change, for good. Many a time we forget that democracy is not just about rights…it is also about duties of every citizen.

I am thrilled about this new law in Gujarat which The Gujarat Assembly has (on Saturday, Dec 19, 2009) passed the Gujarat Local Authorities Law (Amendment) Bill 2009 which enforces: Registered voters who do not participate in local elections will have a month to explain their absence; they may face action.

I think this is a wonderful move. It will teach every one the discipline of what it means to be a responsible citizen. Surely we can all allocate some time from our super busy schedules to make sure that we vote too.
I am fairly sure that the government would allow certain allowance for those workers who are dependent on daily wages.

Like Narendra Modi say’s, black money is a huge problem in India; perhaps it goes parallel with the actual economy itself. This mandatory vote will be a step towards curbing black money (in terms of reducing the election campaign expenditure).

For once lets keep our sarcasm with statements like, should food, clothing and shelter be made mandatory too aside and appreciate the effort being taken by the politicians in Gujarat.


  1. This proves my point.
    All we need is a leader with a foresight.
    Surely,Modi has created a problem for the Congress.They will not follow this nor will be inclined to criticise it.
    I hope other states too wake up to strengthen democracy more.

  2. Yes...I really do hope that other states follow Gujarat. I would also be very interested to know if in future we would see this mandatory voting thing going on even at a state level.

  3. The law is fine but the voter should also exercise the right to cast a negative vote if none of the candidates is found suitable. And also to recall the elected representatives if they do not perform after getting elected. MPs are found missing from the parliament during question hour for which they are sent there.

  4. Yeah...we should also have the power of recall, without having to go through election process again (for the obvious reasons). Just like in offices...if the manager resigns, work should be allocated to the next suitable person in the cabinet.

  5. Just noticed....I love his scarf!

  6. It is true in everything in life that duties and rights come together.

    This is a good law and I hope it is followed.

    wish you a very happy and prosperous New year !!!!