Wednesday, December 2, 2009


When I relocated to North America I knew that I would find it difficult to get used to driving on the right side of the road. What I didn’t know was that it would take forever to get used to driving here!

Considering I had driven in India for 5 years I should find the regulated driving here a cake walk! But alas! If only every word we say comes true.

I passed my written test with flying colors! But that’s when the real challenge began.

My first attempt to drive here was in my husband’s car. Poor thing…it suffered under my gas/break/gas/break like on/off switch for 2 weeks. Then the icing of the cake….I went right into the oncoming traffic while turning left! Thank God it was a country road and there was no oncoming traffic! I decided I cannot go on like that….firstly the insurance is going to sky-rocket and secondly I need an auto-transmission.

After a few months gap, we bought a car! Yes! Yes! Yes! I love my car but I don’t love driving anymore L

But it’s about time I get around to driving I guess, at least after all the money we spent and more importantly my husbands offer to help me learn better driving.

I am reminded of it again at work. Perhaps because my driving-day is approaching this weekend! Uffff….I am all tensed up….why is driving no fun?

When will be my “Driving---Thriving”?

I can hear everyone's thoughts now. Practice…practice…like a mantra. I am hoping that I will come back to this thread some time in future and vouch that “Practice Practice is indeed the mantra”…Until then I guess I am going to be tensed up.


  1. dont know what is happening, written three times but my comment is not getting published:(

    Dont worry, just have patience and drive without hurrying and will get the hang of it very fast...

    All the best for this weekend!!

  2. Driving is all about confidence and the reflexes working right.
    Keep trying,there should be no reason as to why won't you get one.

  3. Thanks Antarman and Mr. Chowla for the encouragement. I am going for a 3 hour practice on Saturday and then again 1 hour on Sunday. As and when my husband is free, i have to go again.
    I really do hope that I come back and quote this particular blog again, saying Practice made me efficient, if not perfect.

  4. Oh ya. you missed a bit in 1 week :)

  5. ohh btw..did you update me with that car problem thingy? guess your car was making lotsa noises at low speeds, right?

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  7. Congratulations for buying a car and started driving on your own..have fun and enjoy driving...

  8. Welcome Ananth, Thank you. I tried to lookup your blog too but cant find it.