Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Zubi dubi zubi dubi…

I was trying to make a play list of the latest songs for my mom and I am totally stuck. Recently I had seen three good movies (good according to me); 3 idiots, Paa and My Name is Khan. I am stuck in the first movie itself, 3 Idiots!

As soon as someone says, ‘can you suggest a few melodious, meaningful songs’; I tend to look for songs by Kishore Kumar and Burmans. Even today…even after so many decades. Why? I will tell you why…what exactly is the meaning for the below song?

Zubi dubi zubi dubi pum pa ra zubi dubi para rum
zubi dubi zubi dubi naache kyon paagal stupid mum…

I can’t even get this tongue twister right let alone the meaning of it! And these days at least one song in a movie must have a song like this, no exceptions at all.

An acquaintance (an elderly person) of mine recently told me something which totally sounds naughty but in the good sense. He said, “While growing up ... in my day dreams ... all my girl friends had eyes of Sadhna, nose of Asha Parekh, body of Nutan, boobs of Simi (Mera Nam Joker scene), soft pale skin and smooth complexion of Wahida Rehman, butt of Nanda, and nazakat of Meena Kumari.”
Right now, if you really wash any actress face, all you will get is a ton of makeup!

Ok…I am still stuck with the first song in my movie list!


  1. Songs from the old movies are still a craze because of the lyrics, melody and all that it made sense.
    What do we hear today;
    This is not music-it is rubbish.

  2. How about "Ibnbtuta, bagal mein juta" and this song sung by none other than sukhwinder, the singer of oscar winning song "jai ho" is played many times in a day by every FM radio channel in India.

    Mad house, this music industry of today.

  3. Tell me about it! If I have to go out for a movie with parents these days, I need to think 100 times and read reviews before I can make up my mind, lest, we are embarrassed.

  4. really and I thought that only I think like that..earlier I could rememebr all songs and still I can write the words of hundreds of old songs, but today I cant rememebr the Mukhda is really sad..

    BTW you blog never updates on my blogroll:(

  5. I am so sorry Renu that I didn't visit your blog..I somehow missed it. I am following your blog now. So, I will be able to be regular.

  6. Aha Asha Parekh, my one time fav.
    As for Ginger you have to simply put a small piece in the mud (either in a pot or directly in the soil on the ground)