Saturday, September 26, 2009

Rs. 315 Crore Memorial to YSR, Andhra Pradesh ex-Chief Minister

Really, I am not kidding and I am still in my senses. You don’t believe me, do you? Read this below link.

Now don’t get me wrong but why does YSR need such an expensive memorial? What magic’s has he performed that a memorial of that magnitude is being proposed?

Also, who is going to pay for it? Of course not his blue eyed baby Jaganmohan Reddy. It’s the stupid tax payer’s money going to drain! And I stress ‘DRAIN’.

According to 2001 census Andhra Pradesh has literacy rate of only 60.5% (male: 70.3% and female ONLY 50.4%). How about opening new government schools for kids in villages with that Rs. 315 crores?

How about creating more employment opportunities and fulfil few of the promises made?

Pay close attention to Fiscal performance. It has been deteriorating since 1991. Not to forget the poverty line: 20.9% (Rural) and 8.5% (Urban).

In Andhra

Total Population: 76 Million approximately

Rural Poverty: 21%

Urban Poverty: 8.5%

People below poverty line: 15, 960,000+ 6,460,000= 22,420,000.

A WHOPPING 22.5 Million people are under the poverty line, official figures alone!!!! Is there anything at all this Rs. 315 crore’s can do to help them? The answer is simple right?

How about doing something good for women, children and their health care?

On top of everything I quoted above, what kind of an environmental damage are we looking at? Interested? See below.

This will give you a fair idea of the destruction which would be caused to the ‘protected’ forests.

Mr. Jaganmohan Reddy, please! Consider this. Enough of being selfish. Daddy got you whatever you wanted now, isn’t it? Else, why would you even be dreaming about such kind of a memorial? Have pity on your homeland. Give-up these selfish endeavours. If you really are interested in keeping your Dad’s ‘image’ amidst Andhra people, then do something useful.

When will we learn our priorities, especially when a mass of population is concerned?

Note: All sources are accurate, at least that's what the government website claims. Open the links I attached for more information.


  1. What can one say?There is a complete contradiction with in the Congress party...they said austerity?
    The disconnect between the politician and the people is getting wider,God save us.

  2. It is so disturbing to learn that they are going to clear so much of forest land...its one of the biggest forest's in India, will be no more.

  3. Nice post. First time here. This is nothing compared to what is happening in Tamilnadu. Dead leaders are buried on a beach front with memorials worth crores of rupees.

  4. Welcome SG. Is that so? I will be really interested to know more about Tamil Nadu. I have been there but not many times...

  5. I feel sad for much of poverty there and leader wasting money like this..but then all states are like that Up has its own Mayawati..TN its DMK and jaylalitha....each one is more lavish in sopending than the other.