Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Forgotten places in London, England

London is one of the beautiful cities I ever visited/lived. It’s (relatively) small compared to any other popular cities like New York, Shanghai etc.

It was early August when I first landed in Heathrow airport all those years ago. I must say I felt a little overwhelmed. Like in any other international airport, the customs was 45 minutes away from the terminal; but hey it’s good to relax your muscles after a long flight.

I stepped out to a balmy/dizzily sky. Later I discovered that no matter what time of the year it is, you always carry an umbrella when you are in London.

My little town house (I used to share this with 3 more people) was in 4th zone, East London, Wanstead to be specific. I loved my little home and my little room. That little room had seen me cry, smile, work, study, sleep and it had been my companion when I had first seen the snow fall for the first time in my life. And it was in that room that I met another invisible companion…no one believes me with this. But that doesn’t matter. I strongly believe that London is the most haunted cities in the world.

Over the years I had lived in London, I discovered many places which are not traditional-touristic. Well, I guess you really need to live there to find the beauty behind these unknown places.

One such street is the dark alley leading to the Clink Prison Museum in the Clink Street. It is surprising that the most believing of Catholics have had such…such kind of torture prisons which will put Saddam Hussein’s torture prisons to shame. The alley itself makes you feel depressed. Close by is The Monument created in memory of everything which had been destroyed by the Great Fire of London in 1666. Again, as soon as you pass, you can feel the melancholy.

One of the most beautiful, hidden parks is the Epping Forest (accessible from Sanresbook on East central underground line). Adjacent to this park is a beautiful lake where you can boat. Calm and collected, it offers a peaceful retreat from all other tourist-rush-spots you have come across. Amidst the chirping birds, weeping willows you would end up in a dream land filled with nature, made just for your eyes.

Also don’t forget to visit the Highgate cemetery. Oh my! Why am I quoting such depressing places? But mark my word, you will love this cemetery.
If you're in London on a Sunday morning, Columbia Road flower market in Bethnal Green is worth a trip.

And if you happen to like Indian food, you should try Veeraswamy in the Regent Street. Of course, you need to book in advance but it’s worth the wait and money. I am yet to taste Chicken Tikka Masala as tasty as Veeraswamy’s.

Coming to shopping, if you like designer cloths, I would say walk down the Oxford street and Harrods in Knightsbridge. Really…it’s too expensive there. But don’t miss out on window shopping!!!

Another important thing you shouldn’t miss while in London is its Broadway shows. My favorites are Les Miserable’s, The Sound of Music and Chicago. I also liked Dirty Dancing but I found this show a little dragging.

The best way to travel in London is through London Underground. Buy a pass and you are al set to enjoy the beautiful, yet ancient city.

Enjoy this ancient city with all its glory. Do justice to your trip 


  1. Bautiful description ! My children also like London a lot, but I think Canada is a good place to live the only disadvantage is one has a long flight:)

  2. Canada indeed is beautiful :) I will write about Canada too shortly;another disadvantage is that it gets really cold :)