Friday, September 11, 2009

Rest in Peace dear CM

The recent tragedy of YSR, Andhra Pradesh chief minister, has triggered a lot of personal and political disturbance in India, especially in Andhra Pradesh. While my heart aches for the surviving members of the family and sincerely wish that no one should be unfortunate to pass away like that, I cannot help but reflect on various aspects of the tragedy.

While death somehow manages to defy every political power in this world, why do we (humans) still attach so much importance to power that we forgot that there are 4 others who have died along with the CM? For days media shows about YSR, but what about others who have died along with him mean to us? The wives of the deceased especially; did they love their husbands any less? What about the kids? Did Captain Bhatia, Captain M.S. Reddy, Secretary Subramanyam and security officer Wesley love their kids any less or wanted any thing less-than-perfect?

This morning I was reading the online news and was shocked (I know, news should have stopped shocking me by now) to know the conspiracy theories floating around. The latest scapegoat is, now deceased Captain. I mean come on, why are we so eager to blame the next best person immediately after us (hinting the government)? It’s been several months since we even found a lead to Aarushi Talwar’s case and now this!

Sure enough we Indian’s are always eager to raise some political leader to a pedestal and then forget all about them the moment they are off the power-hook (which is besides the point), but at least lets show a little respect to other poor souls who are now gone along with the ex-CM.

Now starts the real drama in Andhra Pradesh. The princesses of our nation shoud now have mercy on us. Please! Let’s beg and plead with Princess Gandhi to save us from the doom which Andhra Pradesh is now in. Alas but for the Congress we are nothing. But for Princess Gandhi we are nothing! Oh no…why am I so angry today?

Of course, now I remember and recollect, if it were not for the YSR, if it were just any other citizen, then our value of life would have been much less…wait a minute, if the tragedy had to happen to any other citizen of AP, there wouldn’t have been any value for life!

India’s biggest search it was I believe. What happened to all this search operation when 100’s of people were attacked in public places in Mumbai (26/11)?…Ah…poor Mumbai. Raped time and again, a beautiful virgin it was. We should have some shame to let the neighboring country to even lay hands on our beautiful Mumbai….

Err…where was I? Oh Ya! YSR. RIP. My prayers are with the families of the deceased.

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