Monday, October 5, 2009

The Zero size…

The Zero size…

My friend the other day commented about Kareena Kapoor (an Indian Actress). He says that he loves looking at Ms. Kapoor because she is zero size. I asked my other older uncle and they said, “Oh she is so anorexic”. I tend to agree with my uncle. I am not too sure if I felt a twinge of jealousy towards Ms. Kapoor or I truly believe that she is anorexic.

What is this new craze about looking like a stick? Well, agreed that you can wear whatever you want if you are a stick, but at what cost? And there is this colleague of mine who is forever on a diet. Like living on fruits and veggies. Sometimes I wonder is it really worth living like a rabbit when you feel like a lion inside?

Before I got married my parents used to look in The Hindu (Indian National News Paper) matrimonial section every Sunday. Believe it or not, every single ad would start with, “looking for a bride; fair, slim, beautiful, clean habits (don’t even ask what this means)…”
Out of curiosity one day I went to Dr. Ambedkar’s University in Hyderabad to see the news paper archrivals if the standard ad’s are always this way about 2 decades ago. Not so surprising is the fact that they were not! In fact, no where in the ad did they mention about fair, slim, bla, bla, bla…..

I was looking at the news from India where the recent Air India episode was being discussed in full blow. Apparently the flight attendant was assaulted by the Captain in the flight deck and another male colleague of hers has come to her rescue.

One of the participants in another forum started saying, “Waise Air Hostess jyada Maal nahin thi”. Meaning why go to her rescue when she isn’t worth fighting for and not beautiful enough? When has beauty taken over Indian men completely? Can I safely generalize it to the World?


  1. The guy who said that suffers from demented logic! its very important but not the most important! Having said that, I have a few blog posts dedicated on this no you cannot generalize it to whole world.

  2. I guess I cannot truly generalize...there are still a few people left who think beauty becomes secondary when a woman's safety is at jeopardy. People like you and my husband...

    Indeed it was a demented logic.

  3. In no way can one make a sweeping statement.Kareena is in the business where,perhaps,it pays to go around with Zero figure...well she is the highest paid leading lady in the Industry.Generally,men would may want to see her, not wanting to take her home their mom.And this attitude and approach does vary on state to state basis.
    I will not read too much into AI episode,it smells of dirt and politics by some interested lobby.Let us not forget,a lot seems to be happening at AI in the recent past.

  4. Yes Mr. Chowla. She is in a business where it pays to be in zero size. Problem arises when men expect everyone to be in zero size. isn't it? The other day my friend called and complained that her husband isn't interested in her anymore...felt sad to hear.

    This is why, it is important to make sure to be fit at all times, at least for our own healths sake.

  5. It all depends on the profession you are in..once I said to my daughter that see i like those girls at Sahara airlines so much, she immediately thisis their profession, they get paid for their grooming...I am in different job, I cant pay so much attention to my looks:)

    And men from ever went for beauty..its only in the recent times that they are giving more importance to compatibility and tuning and all.

    Any men who gave such crasss statement is not worth talking about even.