Friday, October 9, 2009

2009 Nobel Peace Prize

United States President Barack Obama won the 2009 Nobel Peace Prize on Friday (Oct-09-2009) for his, "extraordinary efforts to strengthen international diplomacy and cooperation between peoples."

I request you not to ask me what has been done in the last 9 months for him to deserve this peace prize. I am deeply troubled and confused by the decision of the Noble Prize committee (The Norwegian Nobel Institute). With two wars running, 9 months into the administration, how is Obama the most deserving candidate?

While the intention seems more like a slap to Mr. Bush than honoring the President, if that were the intention, shouldn’t the committee have waited for a longer term, at least 1 full term before they honored the President? I cannot help but wonder, if one deserves a prize like “Nobel Peace Prize” for just talk, talk and talk, then every minister in India too deserve this! Why, every political leader around the world deserves this, for they give hope to their people. Living up to it is another story altogether.

Ah, not to forget the beauty queens in all the pageants yearning, hoping for world peace, surely they also deserve this prize.

So, whom shall we criticize today? The President or the Prize Committee? Well, I can only say, now that Mr. President has got the award (deserved or otherwise), its time to live up to the expectations. Apparently he had done so much for the World Peace. Its time he does something for United States as well…apart from giving hope.

Also, I was under the impression that the Nobel Prize nominations happen around February every year (correct me if I am wrong). So, the committee had nominated Obama within the first month him being the President? Or they have decided that even if he is not the President, they would give him the prize for the inspirational Presidential Campaign?

Mohandas K Gandhi wasn’t deserving enough but Obama is, for quoting Gandhi. Wah wah, kya baat hein (Translates to sarcastic Bravo). On a serious note, I wonder if Obama can stand up shoulder to shoulder with people like Mother Theresa (1979), Dalai Lama (14th, 1989), Martin Luther King (jr)(1964), Nelson Mandela (1993), Doctors Without Borders (1999) etc. Well, lets “HOPE”.

Okay, how do you like the below? Tell me if you think the President fits well amongst these people.

Any resemblance at all? Life time achievements, years of dedication, passion, selfless love with zero boundaries, bringing Democracy where people were being treated worst than slaves...and then finally the Prize goes to Mr. President. Anyway, a toast to Mr. President.


  1. It's really pathetic, unfair and unjustified and I would call it a mockery of Noble-Prize...As you have mentioned it seems more like a slap for Bush than A prize for OBAMA.
    Not in any way Obama could stand amongst these people... :)


  2. True Amit. Some times I really wonder what happened to the standards set by the committee.

  3. Nobel Prize had some standing and value.Do I say anything beyond this.?

  4. This prize has made Obama look more ridiculous than honoured.....and for without any fault of his...the committee has bowed to the super power.

  5. Mr Chowla and Antarman, I was wondering the same thing. Who is responsible for this...blasphemy?

  6. mother teresa? I beg to differ...:rolleyes: