Thursday, November 26, 2009

An Unlikely Hero: Om Puri

An Unlikely Hero: Om Puri

Since the time I had heard the news in NDTV (and subsequently Om Puri’s outburst) I had been meaning to write what I think about this whole issue.
For those of my friends who do not know what this gossip is about: Nandita Puri, Om Puri’s wife had recently written/published a biography of Om Puri. In that she recalls Mr. Puri having sex with his maid at age 14, then again with another woman whom he wanted to get married to.

I was totally confused when I was reading a few reviews about this book. In them they say that Mr. Puri has had an “extra marital affair”. How so? Is pre-marital sex the same as extra-marital affair? NO!! NO!!! NO!!! Then why all this hulla gulla! Really, there was hulla gulla…here is the proof.

I don’t want to fill the blog with links to various websites. Perhaps all the mess is just a publicity stunt. I don’t understand though, why does such a trivial part of his life had taken over head lines? Why not the chapters where his childhood is described, which could be inspirational for various up-coming talented people?
Gosh! We really need to get over s few things and look at things the way they are. What is the point in being judgmental about things which has happened decades ago? It’s not like Shiney Ahuja’s case.

On the side note, Mr. Puri had believed his wife with all his heart and shared with her his utmost private life. As a person, if not as a wife, she should have consulted with him if he is OK with the information about his pre-marital life to come out in print.

Of course he acted in numerous movies, out of which, my favorite comedy is Bollywood Calling. Never mind the mess, I am so much looking forward to reading the biography of one of the finest actors India ever had.


  1. I have known Om personally and can assure you that it could not have been a publicity stunt.He is too matured for it.

  2. Yes Mr. Chowla, he is matured enough that he wouldn't fall for publicity stunt. I was more talking about his wife, whose career if we closely follow, always has come across a little pushy. Perhaps it has got to do with her?
    Or the ever existing tantrums of the paparazzi.

  3. A fine actor, blemished at the fag end with some simple controversy.