Friday, November 19, 2010

On a lighter note...

Of  late I have been seeing plenty of old Bollywood movies. I was kind of surprised to deduce some interesting analogy. Its to do with rape scenes. Thing is, most of the 1980's movies had at least one rape scene. Be it Padmini Kohlapuri or the professional rapist, Shakti Kapoor. Only during a rape scene the camera is zoomed at the woman's cleavage or all her agony is captured. But when it comes to two people in love kissing each other, all they show is 2 flowers bumping into each other. Why?

Not many movies are complete without a rape scene. More often than not, the entire movie is based on a rape scene, as if there is no other better story line. Villain rapes (or attempts to) hero's sister. Hero takes revenge. Or, Villain attempts to rape heroin and then hero saves her. They fall in love. You get my drift?
What bothers me is that, is it really true that rapes have become part and parcel of Indian society? If yes, why is it shown in such a way that no deductions are made?
There is nothing funny about a rape; yet so many movies revolve around this. Strange, dont you think so?


  1. Showing a rape scene is all for the purpose of attracting people who love to enjoy such things on the screen. It is more of raising the temptation in those people who will come back more than once to watch such scenes in a movie...some like the world of fantasies in which they do not want to be a part but...
    So Madhu, spending time on watching movies:)

    ...enjoy your recreation...


  2. I think those days are gone.At times when people had no access to adult materials,rape scenes were the only excitement for those who wanted to see such material.Kissing was not permitted by rule.Not that rape was permitted !

  3. Ah! well said..Playing to the front benches was obviously one of the biggest reasons..I dont see many current movies featuring rape scenes. Directors have a lot more avenues for inducing tiltation .. like item numbers.

  4. Rape scene were meant to titillate the audiences, and now when heroines can do that, they dont need rape scenes.

  5. I think what Dr Antony said is true......
    Reading this reminded me of what I read in the papers recently about what happened in Delhi with a girl who was returning after night shift.

  6. YEah agree with Dr. antony..

    these days movies have the heroine doing it all
    plus vulgarity and show of skin has become NORM so why have such scenes .. .