Monday, November 1, 2010

How Life Changes...

I don't know why I am in a reflective mood lately. Maybe because of Diwali preparations or it could be anything. I started thinking about how we used to shop for Diwali around this time of the year. I could be wrong but in olden days I felt that Diwali was somewhere in early Oct? Now its November.

My mother passed me on one of her jewelry sets for my marriage. My Mother In Law passed me on "puliaaru" (Lord Ganesha's stone murthi) after getting married. This was given to her by her MIL. How days go by and how years rollby!
All the Diwali sweets/snacks my mom used to make then, I am now making at home. Soon there will children, they grow up and it would be my turn to pass on what I had been given. It would be their turn in no time...

In this wide space, where does life stop? Does it matter how happy we are right now(or how sad) when we look at the bigger picture?

Anyway, we decorated our home for Halloween. Here are a few pictures.Below is the picture taken when we went pumpkin picking in a near by farm. Rows and rows of them!
My flower vase in the dining room :)
No :) its neither my hand nor my husbands :) Ha ha! my home is haunted!!!
I bought so many candy this year for trick or treat. Do you like my decorations for Halloween?


  1. Yes, super decoration.
    Life goes on and so the customs from one generation to the other

  2. Like we have our traditions,they have too. I dont think of it as a great event,unlike the celebrations we do,which all have long stories to go by. I dont really know what they celebrate during Halloweens.

  3. Dr. Anthony...Halloween is pretty much a Pagan celebration. I decorate it because kids around my home absolutely love it...and this time about 100 kids came home for chocolates.

  4. oh am late sorry .. i guess you had a good hallooween..

    the house looks sp nicely decorated ..


  5. Yeah well Bikramji, every time i see the amputated hand, I freak out! LOL.