Monday, November 8, 2010

Freedom of speech, gone too far...

Yes, I am talking about the renowned author, Booker prize winner (for God of Small Things), Arundhati Roy. I always felt that Ms. Roy is after the media-lime-lite but this time, the freedom of speech has gone a bit too far.
To say that, "Kashmir has never been an integral part of India" is the most stupidest thing I have ever heard. Its like, chopping your own foot with an axe!

Here is my take on this issue. What Ms Roy is saying is correct when it comes to, poor, young women getting raped (recent case Asiya and Nilofer), Kashmir under constant pressure from all sides, and the heart-broken families who have lost their loved ones in the name of war. BUT, the solutions (or the lack of it) is what makes me wince. People of Kashmir want, "insaaf" from Indian government is what Ms Roy claims. I ask, freedom from what? Doesn't she realize that, the moment Kashmir is declared as "not-a-part-of-India", our neighboring countries would occupy the land in no time literally massacring every single citizen?  I would give Kashmir like maybe 5 minutes before it is completely occupied, from the moment it gets its so called 'freedom'. I cant believe that Ms roy seriously believes that India is actually causing more harm to Kashmir-state than good.
How come, she has not given a single moments thought about scores of soldiers who were killed, trying to (and succeed) protect Kashmir? The word traitor comes to my mind, but I will refrain from saying so.

I think Ms Roy is aiming to be Aung San Suu Kyi. House-arresting (or any kind of restrain) her would only get her more sympathy and more media attention which I think is what she is after.
If it were up to me, I would completely ignore her.
Just like the media, she never sticks with one single issue until it is sorted. After crying her heart out with Pokran issue, she went after issues over Narmada, literally hijacking the spotlight from Medha Patkar.

One thing every politician should learn (in my opinion) from her is her smartness. She is rich, yet, is always seen amongst poor. She makes statements which would get her killed in any other country, yet, makes them in such a way that no one really can say a boo to her.

Her extraordinarily good writing skills is something I always admired. Agree that almost every article she writes is grossly exaggerated, but usually she has a point. Of course, the solutions (again the lack of it) is something different altogether.The carefully built self-image is something every politician should learn.


  1. It shows the incompetency of this Govt. which has not been able to find a law under which she can be booked.Or is she too well connected?
    It is a shame on all of us that we have to be so helpless.

  2. I dont agree with the attitude of our government either.They are just sitting on the fence.There is only one solution for the Kashmir issue,and we all know that.But we have an impotent government,who even tolerated an attack on th Parliament.
    Artists and celebrities have responsibilities too. If you swim along the tide,you go unnoticed. Swim against it,that is the fashion.

    Live in all comforts,but when you go out,wear a crumbled pyjama and top ,then hang a dirty cotton bag on the shoulder. You will get noticed.

  3. @Chowaliji, I think most of the people (from higher up) spoke up against her. Whats wrong with her is that, she is craving for attention, like a spoiled brat. If we ignore her, she will shut up.

    @Doc, Yes, should we have stood against the parliament attack, at least it would have put some fear into the masterminds behind that attack. Even though I have my own grievances about Indira Gandhi, I wonder she would have been the right person for the current times. What say?