Friday, November 12, 2010

1.76 lack crores...

I never knew, until 3 days ago that there is a denomination called, 1.73 Lack Crore. This can happen only in India; one person in a party does something stupid which costs the government money and the DMK leader extends full support.
I had a huge argument with one of my friends regarding corruption in India. He maintains that every party is corrupt (which is true) to some extent; this time it has gone too far. But just because some other party is less corrupt doesnt mean they are any noble, are they?

I am reminded of a joke. A man walks up to woman in bar and asks.. "Will you sleep with me if I gave you a million dollars?". Woman looks around and says .. "Ok." He then asks "What about for $20?" And she answers "$20? What do you think I am??" And he replies "We have already established what you are - now we are just negotiating!"

We do not respect the Auditors revealings and still await on the fate of IT minister Raja; we let go of a child molester, Rathore after a teenage girl has lost life; we let go of Kalmadi after the games; Kasab is still alive....

What is happening to India?


  1. Situation in India will not change unless we all get our vocal cords cleaned.We are a spineless 120 crore people who are being seen as idiots.

  2. No politician has been held responsible for any crimes.BKC has the answer for you.

  3. corruption has become a way of life and it can be changed only if we take a stand..socially boycott the corrupt people and dont vote for them.

  4. I agree with all of you. Just felt so depressing!

  5. WEll you said it urself, all parties are the same
    and sorry but the fact is that we are all good in talking and nothing ever gets done.. For example

    CWG games, so many people were against it , I strongly beleive and still do IT shud not have happen the might of the people shud have stood up to make sure they dod not happen, MAYBE Then the GOvt would have taken notice, YEt it was said let the games happen we will sort them later .. now games are over whats happened


    getting rid of kalmadi is not the problem, the problems is to GET RID OF EVERY LEADER..

    get them together any party, any religion, any creed, any damn leader .. Get them together and SHOOT THE WHOLE LOT...

    in my posts and comments i have said it aplenty of times COrruption is in our DNA.. its in OUR BLOOD... so gettign rid of it means getting RID of US ALL.. and then maybe MAYBE we might get some respite ..


  6. I loved the joke though.. but its the truth of our great nation.. each one is NEGOTIATING with it..

  7. suddenly insects are crawling out of the closet in India.. sometimes its really appalling and one keeps wondering what else next ..

  8. Bikramji, yes, corruption perhaps runs in our blood; think about it, mostly government is a reflection of what the mind set people generally have. Like, its at a macro level and individuals are micro.

  9. Bedazzled, yes, insects were always there; they are just slowly coming out now.