Monday, October 4, 2010

A small stroll

That's what I took just now; a small stroll. Its a beautiful day here; well its getting cold but we can still get away without thermals. During lunch time, I hardly get time to get out. I usually eat while I work (office job). I know...I know, its a bad habit which I had been trying to break for a while now. The lunch room is almost always packed and I work downtown; where am I supposed to eat my lunch then? The best option is at my desk...

This afternoon was different. Something pulled me outside (could be the pain in my knee); if only for 30 minutes. I took my lunch bag and went out. Since its a cold day, not many people were in the nearby park eating lunch. I found an empty bench, which is a miracle. Usually the park is filled. I sat and ate my lunch watching the birds fly, the leaves falling, the dogs happily wagging their tails and an old man taking a walk.

I am more content right now than when I had left my desk to grab lunch. It lightened my heart (and my knee). Often we are too busy to listen to what our mind/body really needs. It could be as simple as fresh air. It only takes a moment to listen to ourselves.
I am going to make a conscious effort to listen to myself more.


  1. What a pleasant stroll..fresh air always refreshes me, sometimes I feel very uncomfortable with ACs.

  2. Madhu, reading this i felt more like being there...the park, the sunshine, the fresh air, the natural beauty all around...enjoyed the read.

  3. You are really the girl next door,nothing special. But ordinary things like these make up life. We often forget what we really need in life.We forget to tend to ourselves.Happiness is not waiting at the end of the road. Get in in tiny bits all along,and relish every tiny bite of it.Happier days ahead !!