Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Holier than thou attitude of ours...

When I say "ours", I am referring to all human beings. I am not kidding but we seem to take unreasonable pride in the way we look and perform our activities. Confused? Allow me to explain...

Last night my husband and I were watching the movie, Men in Black II. It continues to bother me whenever I see an Alien movie that we, humans, seriously believe that Aliens are freaky-looking-creatures. Some times the creatures are down right funny! We have never seen an Alien, yet me make that assumption in every singe movie! Why? Because we believe that humans are the best ever!

"I am better looking than Alien!", would be the first opening line I would presume, if we ever get to meet them. What if they turn out to be extremely beautiful than us? What if they are so beautiful that we look creepy compared to them? Why doesn't movies show any better looking Alien? Here are few pictures which i had taken from various Alien movies; tell me...what gives us a right to portray that Aliens are ugly looking when we have never ever seen them?!

Men in Black II:

Transformers: is this picture funny?!



Koi Mil Gaya

District 9

Ewwww....I am giving up on searching pics on Aliens now. I said Ewww, didn't I!? What a racist. No, not racist. Perhaps "speciet"? I did a spell check and the word doesn't exist in dictionary. After all these gruesome movies, its about time this that this word is introduced in the dictionary.
This brings me back to the real day to life experiences. Even we, sometimes, assume a "God" complex. My husband uses this term for people who think that they know the best, they know everything, they are God. If not everyday, even we are possessed with God complex, knowingly or unknowingly from time to time. Unless we make a conscious effort, we dont even know its we who have that complex.

So, back to the present day. From today on, I am going to make a conscious effort not to fall into the God-Complex category :)

Edit: If the Aliens ever really come to earth, believe it or not, they would be so offended to see these movies portraying them so ugly. Not to forget, I doubt if we would last a single day after they get to see these movies!


  1. Agree with you... I have read an article recently that few US veteran claiming that they saw UFO and they targeted the nuclear base in an army camp... don't know if it was true ... but if it was I appreciate the fact that Aliens are peace lovers, as they targeted the nuclear camp and not the men there !!

  2. here goes the link

  3. That was good. I don't know why I didn't think about it earlier! The only excuse is that we have Maha Ganapathi as God. But he looks better than the average elephant.
    I forgot to say. I heard the alien say.."Oh..What kind of ugly creatures have we got here on this planet earth?"

  4. @Invi, I am not quite sure if they are aggressive or peace loving. I would think that they would have a mix of both; like we have on Earth.

    @Dr. Anthony, to your point, you are right. For an Alien, we might come across as ugly. Beauty lies in beholders eyes right. Its sad that most movies are shown like they are ugly. of course there are exceptions like the Alien you quoted, for whom we look ugly.

  5. good point..Inevr thought of that,may be it is human's superiority complex.