Thursday, October 28, 2010

Obsessed with America!

I called my mom last night and my mom's kaam-wali-bai was also there. So, mom asked me to say hello to her. Here is how the conversation went (of course I am translating to English).

Me: Hello bai, how are you?
Bai: HHHHEEELLLLO! I am good, very nice to hear from you.
Me: Same here. How are your kids?
Bai: You tell me, how is America?
Me: I don't live in America
Bai: huh? so where do you live?
Me: Canada
Bai: Where is it?
Me: West
Bai: West as in?
Me: West as in West.
Bai: So, America then?
Me: NO!
Bai: Everyone gets married to Americans. Why didn't you?
Me: Errrr, I don't know, maybe because my husband lives here.
Bai: Where does he live?
Me: Canada
Bai: Where is Canada
Me: :Sigh:
Bai: Tell me
Me: You ask my mom
Bai: Your mom lied that you live in America
Me: I can see why
Bai: what do you mean
Me: I mean you don't know where Canada is! That's why she just lied
Bai: So...where is Canada
Me: :sigh:...near America
Bai: "near"? not good enough then.
Me: Please pass the phone to mom


  1. Lol: America is so popular today as in earlier days, anybody going abroad was called..vilayat ja raha ha:)

  2. Dont worry.Canada is catching up!!

  3. Yeah well...Lol here too!

    Renu, I cant believe that our maid thinks less of me because i don't live in America! Kya style hein na?

    Dr. Anthony...yes, you are right.

  4. Hey Madhu..enjoyed it. Even in America..It shd be New jersey, New york or California...the rest not many know in Since I live in Philadelphia.. I say near New jersey...or near New York..Then they are happy..otherwise when I say Pennsylvania(state)..I can hear them say pencil

  5. he hehehe U been told madhu.... canada no goood AMRIKA chalooooooooooo :) he he heeh

    enjoyed reading it :)

    Bikram's Blog

  6. Thanks all! I am glad you liked the conversation :)

    Dolly! LOL....pencil what!

  7. Sorry...I did not mean offense to anyone. dont get me wrong.