Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Why education is so important?

I am troubled with conflicting thoughts today.

Here is why according to me. I had never been a great fan…(why am I being so politically correct today?) of any political party; partly because I had never been too affected by them. Or at least I thought I had never been too affected by them on a daily basis. I have studied in a fairly good school and completed my graduation. The town I come from has two government schools; one for boys and one for girls. They also had a mid-day meal system there.

But, I never saw the class room full at any time. Agreed that people coming to free schools are from poor families and they need to earn the living for the family and hence no time for school. But, when the government is making an effort to run schools and give food, why aren’t parents still making an effort to send children to school? And later when they grow up, they are going to say that government didn’t do anything for them.

What am I missing? I am puzzled. Why are we expecting government to feed us? We don’t live in a communist society, so why?

I do understand that they are there for the well being of the society but to expect that they feed us…isn’t that a little too much to ask?
If you are educated, you will be able to find a job right? You will be able to pull your chin up and survive. For that matter, it’s the will power which takes us a long way. Even a person who doesn’t know a b c d has succeeded!

What am I missing? What are we…or what should we expect from government?

I am trying to write an article about UP’s CM Mayawati. Please do wait for it.
Her quest for power, money and eventual honor of Goddess is something we all need to admire…however cynical. Nite nite now. Have sweet dreams. Mine have been preposterous lately. Ha!!! Perhaps deserve it.


  1. Madhu..very good post..why we need govt. for everything? one introspects what we are doing...we do everything possible to cheat govt. or citizens(in case of leaders)... If all the citizens become responsible, we can see the difference.

  2. We can all become responsible, but the current corrupt system will not allow it to happen.

  3. Renu, yes I agree.

    Chowlaji, what exactly is being responsible? And what exactly the govt is stopping?
    Paying taxes?

  4. Corruption is every where ... Its the mind set of people .... a common daily wage labour thinks about, the money his kid will earn in a day going to work but not to school...

    Lets talk in their shoes ... Avg daily wage of an adult is around 70 - 100 INR, and there are no 100% chances that he gets a job every day.. Now for a family of four do you think the income from one earning member of the family would be enough?? So they think of present rather than the future ....

    May be their life is not as simple as we see it ...

  5. no...I agree that their life is not as simple as we see it. Its just that, its not fair to expect govt to pay for food/clothing/shelter even after they are, say, 18 years of age.

    And this is precisely the reason why mid-day meals are in place. They give you B'fast, lunch and a snack for the kid attending the school. So, they are taking care of themselves. If parents can take care of themselves, I think it would do good.


  6. Madhu, how much you try to coax these people to come forward to get free education, their response is so bland.

    As you know I've been working with these children - free mid day meal, uniforms, winter clothes, books, pencil, rubber,shoes, socks, and everything they need - still they stay away from school.
    I always tell them about the benefit they can get from Education. Still they like the environment they live in. But a handful of them are doing good after they've gone to Secondary level schools.

    Some of the children go to certain places (which I don't like to disclose) where they earn from 20 to 80 rupees by spending few hours. They are lured by the money they earn, as they are so poverty stricken.

    On the whole I don't blame the government totally.

    Come up with your Mayawati article.

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