Tuesday, May 11, 2010

My garden pictures

Finally spring is here! Well, it doesn’t feel much like spring though. Because of the frost warnings, I had to transfer my little ones back to the garage! As the season progresses, I promise to post more of my garden pictures.

Yes…I have a huge project coming up this year. It’s the second season since the time we moved in here and slowly I am getting the hang on what my back/front yards like.

This pink one is the dwarf tulip which I picked up recently. Beside that is the yellow pansies. Its supposed to attract butterflies, lets wait and see.

This is the experiment I am doing. This is a small ginger root which I planted. I hope to see some ginger growing soon, like in 6 weeks. Will post a picture then.

A loner this tulip has become. I often forget the name of the lavender flower which looks like a lilac! The pink one is the thick seed.

Some annuals which I absolutely adore. They also are a great fillers.

I started a few flower plants from the seed (left). Hopefully they grow up. Right now they are still germinating...If they bloom, I will post a picture later in the season.

And who would forget the daffodils and Wordsworth?

This is the strawberry seedling i bought. 3 weeks ago this was the size and now its still the same. perhaps I am over-watering and killing it with love.

I don't seem to get over my love for tulips!

I also bought them in purple, red and orange. Once they bloom, I will post the picture. Yeah...this year mine are coming late.

Here is methi, coriander, green chilly and peppers. Methi and Coriander seem to come before the rest.

Below is the Asiatic Lily. Hopefully the weather warms up before winter for them to bloom :) They give a nice fragrance when in full bloom. I will post another picture when in full bloom.


  1. Madhu, like the lovely garden that's coming up. Waiting for more pictures as and when you capture them.

    I have another blogspot http://wordsofjeejee.blogspot.com/
    which I have started recently and have uploaded some pictures. You can have a look at it and hope to read some comments and suggestions from you.


  2. Thanks Chowlaji and Gaouri. Actually when i was in India my garden was better. Now here it gets so cold that nothing grows up properly! Anyway...I will share more pictures as and when the flowers bloom.

    @Gouri, I will take a look :)

  3. wow..beautiful tulip and daffodil..gardening is a very good hobby....keep us imformed when you get plant from your seeds.