Thursday, April 7, 2011

Marriage in Modern context...

Off late I hear quite a lot of young people who don't seem to be believing in the institution of marriage. It could be due to the fact that they see increasing number of divorces or could be due to the fact that what they could do only after marriage before (sex), they can freely do it before itself. I am saying freely because I see quite a lot of live-in's lately. I am not saying its wrong or its right.
Marriage according to Hinduism is our Dharma and sacrament. I know for a fact its the same with Christianity as well. I am not sure about Islam though.
Marriage is the union of two souls which is generally presided by a priest. Elaborate arrangements are made and elders in family and friends bless the couple for a life time of happiness. It marks the beginning of a named and recognized relationship.
Vows are exchanged in front of fire marking that you are promising in front of God that you will Honor, respect, protect and love each other until end (death). This is the main difference between girl friend and a wife. So, it is safe to assume that we get married for spiritual reasons more that anything else.

If you look around, people who are Atheist's also get married. Mostly they do it to to let the world know that they are a couple. I think, correct me if I am wrong. Some get married for tax purposes.

In case of court marriages, even though the wedding takes place on papers, most couples do in fact get at least a small puja/prayer done for them asking for the blessings of God.

Whether it is old days or modern days, Marriage still is a very important part of our society. Whether one wants to get married or not is a personal choice but denouncing it certainly doesn't seem right or natural.


  1. Like you said,I see so many of my classmates and friends well into their 30's and not in any hurry to get hitched.My take is- marriage is nothing but companionship.a lot of people opt out of it because they think marriage is a lot of complication and would rather focus on their careers.. well, each to his own !

  2. Many people are denouncing marriage for their convenience only..none wants to work hard and have even a little inconvenience which is inevitable for any relationship to work.See the generation denouncing is young today..lets see what they they say about it when they grow old...and then nothing could be done.

    loved the pictures!!

  3. @Bhargavi, I concur with you; it seems like marriages are going out of style.

    @Renu, Yes, people don't seem to be thinking long term. If we are young and in 20's and 30's great. You would have a great career and also a great night-life. But eventually age catches up. loneliness sets in. What happens then?!
    Relationships are not built in a day. It takes a lot of work, isnt it?

  4. I beleive that we should not rush intoa marriage , itsa big commitment and one shud be sure of twhat they are getting into before taking the step and AGE has nothing ot do with it the sooner we learn the better we will be ..

    as such i think we have become very impatient these days and dont care much about each other .. and hence the problems in mariage thse days .. and now adays the new thing CAREER too has come up ..
    so lets see where all we all end up ..


  5. Times have changed.Your observation is right.Even in a very conservative place like Kerala,divorce rates are on the high.It is multi factorial.
    A recent survey done in Kerala found that 30% of school children had sex,and a good percentage used some kind of drugs.Sex is no longer a taboo.Marriage is just not the license for sex.I don't know how to get the message to the young ones.

  6. Helloo MAdhu ! I am so happy for you! congratulations ! and take care of your health and happiness!

  7. Ha ha I like that " Some get married for tax purposes."
    I never knew that.

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