Monday, April 4, 2011

World cup 2011

We won! My happiness knew no bounds when I had seen that our India won! I am sooo happy its hard to explain in words.

Under a wonderful leader, Dhoni, the team thrived and got us the most treasured gift, the priceless trophy. As soon as we won, I even went and bought gulab jamoons to celebrate the victory. I keep hearing some very rude remarks from my Lankan colleagues but its OK...we are the best team; so we won.

Congrats everyone! I love you all!


  1. :-)Awesome match ! Looks like you are a major cricket fan.Last 2 posts have been about it !

  2. Me too:) for Srilankans..I can understand:) everybody cant be a good loser.

  3. yeah the Indian team was at its peak in fielding and batting. but in the above picture raina ought to be the hanuman. he kept flying towards the ball every time. ;)

    cheers! to Indian team :)

  4. rude comments from them BUt why .. they lost cause we played a better GAme end of ... SORE LOSERS i guess

    but yes WE WON an we are the champions...


  5. I am not a big fan of cricket.But I feel good that we win at least in this business called cricket.We could never raise an athlete in all our history.