Monday, July 5, 2010

Bharat Bandh-July 2010

India is very dear to me for a variety of reasons. I guess i really don't have to go through each and every reason. It truly pains me to see it go through turmoil time and gain.

Yesterdays Bharat Bandh takes the cherry. We have managed to bag the raise in prices and yet accumulate more than Cr 2000 deficit. I never understood politics. I am "aam janta" types. But I have told my brain to take decisions when it comes to major things. I do not understand why the opposition has taken the decision of Bharat Bandh. And we, the Aam Janta are the ones who lost a day's business. Who is going to cover the deficit? Its we! Who is going to feed the lost wages of a daily worker, the one who cannot survive if he doesnt work for a day? Is the opposition coming to feed

Come on! as much as i oppose the price hike, there's got to be an alternative to combat these political games. We all know the out come of the Bandh. Nothing will be done, then why not adopt an alternative method and try our luck?

Perhaps a commission be employed to look in depth as to why the prices were raised and was there anything at all which we could have done to prevent the hike? At least we could have stood a chance of some action. What a waste of public sentiment and money....


  1. A lot of discussions have taken place on the subject of price rise in the Parliament, without much effect.PM doesnt talk to the aam aadmi, his ministers dont talk to him.Bandh at least brought to focus the inflation and fuel hike problems.

  2. It bought the focus for sure Chowlaji. But at what cost? 13,000 crocres! Is it worth spending so much money just to bring focus with no results?

  3. really..I also feel frustrated with these negative actions...intead of being constructive we alway try to destruct something....

  4. There should be a ban on bandh