Friday, July 30, 2010

Changes in School's

I have always maintained that its extremely important to have counseling at schools. I cannot begin to tell how sad I felt after reading the below article.

A teenager kills herself after after being taunted in school for cleaning toilets! She had no one to speak to. If only, if only she had anyone to speak to!

Is it the movies these days which is portraying that suicide is the solution to all the problems? The girl is only 13! How did she think that ending her life is the solution? How?!

I am unable to get my head around it. I am feeling deeply disturbed.


  1. I agree counselling is a must.In fact it must be mandatory.

  2. yeah. I am just unable to get my head around the fact that kids as young as 13 think of suicide!

  3. May be she was too young and emotional and cudn't realise how precious life is.........

  4. leave aside 13, last year i read a news where a girl committed suicide only because she didnt like the frock her father bought for her on her Bday...where are we going?