Sunday, June 13, 2010

Rani Tiwari...My new hero

How many of us have heard stories about dowry deaths? I have and I have full confidence that you did too. As a refreshing change comes this bright woman, Rani Tiwari. Even after she was engaged to be married on June 19, 2010, the demands of dowry and gifts never stopped.
The 30-year-old decided to catch on hidden camera the relentless demands of her fiancé and his family - Rs five lakh in cash and a car.

So the brother sister duo used a hidden camera when the grooms family came visiting and caught it all on tape. The video was then handed over to the police who arrested the boy and his father.

Rani since then has been flooded with proposals. Who wouldnt want to marry such a couragious woman? You go girl!

I think India is taking slowly one step after another in right direction. Its a proud moment for every ordinary women.


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  2. Chowlaji, when you read this comment, can you please tel me how exactly can I post comment in your bolg without subscribing to Discus? Thanks a ton.

  3. wow..thats the way to go girl !

  4. Now thats some gutsy girl.. I must say this is what has to start to happen, otherwise the greedy BOY families will keep on trying it ..

    Why would someone want to have dowry i cant understand ... Grow up earn ur own money spend it , its got a different NASHA in it ... we need to learn the Western way ask the kids after 18 to go and EARN and stop living in the house of there DAD/MOM.. go and get your own .. then maybe they will know or appreciate the value of ones own hard earned money..

    Excellent work by RANI.. god bless her ...

  5. Bikramjit, welcome. dowry giving/taking had never been looked up on by me. If parents want to give the girl anything, they would do so anyway, then why torment them for dowry!