Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Do souls check their Facebook accounts?

Do you think that I am asking an unreasonable funny question? Well, I am not. One of my acquaintances brother (18 years) passed away. I know the lady in question for sometime now and I came to know about this sad news though a common friend. So, I called her up and expressed my condolences. I was quite shocked when I heard from her that most of her brothers friends didn't call her. Instead most of them chose to leave message like, "May your Soul Rest in Peace", "You will be missed", "I am going to miss you buddy" etc in his Facebook page!!

I don't have any words to express how I feel. People leave "we will miss you" messages in his facebook? Is it the latest trend which I am not aware of?
That's why I am asking, are you aware of souls checking their facebook accounts?

Perhaps I am still a little old-fashioned and want personal visit or a personal phone call to the grieving parents/siblings and not facebook messages.


  1. What to comment...

    People just to show that they are so called MODERN can go to any extent...

    Indian Sushant

  2. Madhu,this is the result of breaking up joint family systems and one child phenomenon.

  3. sad .. one more reson to hate FB..

    I am old fashined tooo ... booo hooo

  4. yeah...I really didn't have right words to comfort her either :(

  5. Text messaging on phones and messaging on FB has limited the teenagers vocabulary to monosyllables these days.They are uncomfortable when it comes to having a," real conversation". I think this generation's expousre to the virtual world is becoming more real for them as they are spending more time texting and Face booking and tweeting , they are becoming more and more distant from reality.It is sad but leaving a condolence message on FB reiterates the fact that FB has consumed the teenagers today. It is sad but this is ,"real" for them .

  6. That is so sad!FB is the easy way out for people.60% of the my "conversations" over FB have been with people who I am not in touch in real life.I don't like FB either,so maybe I am old fashioned too.