Monday, January 24, 2011

The Pink Pearls

I have been meaning to write a short story for quite some time; not that I am a writer or something but something to do on the days you dont feel sleepy :) here it is...Sorry, if you find it boring.


There is a party going on downstairs. Maya, 23 year old Maya, peeps down through the blinds in to the back yard where everything was alive. She quickly closes the blinds for the fear that he would catch her watching down. The party was thrown in honor of her adopted fathers 50th birthday. He is the famous business man of the state, referred to as Seth. As usual she is not allowed in the party.

When ever he drinks (which is almost everyday), Maya finds herself hiding under the bed. As routine demanded, Maya crawled under the bed, hoping despite hope that somehow darkness would shield her. Just as she was closing her eyes, the door opens and she was yanked out with a rough hand. Maya hears herself silently scream, a scream which only she can hear.


For as long as he can remember, Ajit and his 4 friends are like Robin Hoods of India. But there is not much of local support because they never settled down. They are mostly on road. Last night they have checked into the beautiful, yet intimate Taj Banjara suite.

“Ajit, coffee is ready da and so is the breakfast. Tarun is still in the shower but Aruna and Kiran are waiting at the table”, Asha said with a million dollar smile.

“Asha, you are a sweetheart! If Tarun hadn’t already swept you off your feet, I would have stood a chance with you” Ajit flashed his equally-million-dollar-smile.

“Oh yeah! That I am sure! Now please have your coffee before it gets cold”.

As Ajit approached the dining table he noticed that the other set of love birds, Kiran and Aruna are arguing. No surprises there.

“You two I tell ya! When will you stop arguing like enemies and start developing a few boy friend-girl friend traits?” Ajit exclaimed.

As Aruna is setting the table, just the way Kiran liked it, she said, “Ajit, listen to him! He says Chinese fried rice is better and I countered that nothing can beat our Hyderabadi Biryani. Whose side are you on?”

Ajit, while trying to smother his chuckle said, “I am always on your side Aruna” and quickly receives a jab in his ribs from Kiran.

Tarun walks through the door singing, “How do I look”?

All the four friends respond together, “Like Dulhe Raja”. He was not looking like dulhe Raja. Far from it. If they tell the truth he is going to run back to change. So, it’s better to lie and save time.

As the friends slowly finish their breakfast, calm spread over the table. A Calm before the Storm perhaps is appropriate here.

Ajit and friends got into the ‘action-mode’. Having gone through the preliminaries of the plan 100 times by now, he wanted to make sure he goes through it one last time before they set out.

“Seth is going to be busy entertaining the guests between 10:00 and mid night as that is the cocktail hour. I will drive our Mercedes and with the looks of it, the watchman would allow us inside with no questions” Ajit said.

Kiran picks up from there, “Aruna and I will step out of the car with the flowers and proceed towards Seth. With the sophisticated looks of us, he sure is going to try to recollect who we were”

“Asha, you and me will proceed towards the parking lot from where we will take the back entrance to the second floor of the building” finishes Tarun.

“The lock remover is with me and each of you has spare ones too along with the gun. We three will open the girls lock so silently that she would not suspect that anyone ever entered” Ajit said and continued,

“The ear piece is charged and is sterile. Should there be a problem downstairs or even a servant is on his way up, Aruna and Kiran would first try to keep him occupied. If not successful, just say, ‘this party is so good’. We will immediately abandon everything we are doing and head downstairs”.

“Should anyone find us, we innocently say we got lost trying to locate the bathroom”.

“All set then”! The friends simultaneously say and burst into laughter. Once you start living together for long time, you start to think almost alike.

Ajit said, “The Seth is going to pay every penny he evaded from Income Tax department” and finished his coffee.


The party which he is throwing for everyone is more to please them than to please him. Over the years, he had earned more than 10 generations put together can spend.

The cream of Hyderabad had gathered in his palace. If only he can bring Maya down to show all this to her. Perhaps then she will realize what kind of a man he is and maybe she will cooperate for once.

But that is not an option. Maya is his property and he will not let anyone even talk to her. He wanted her so badly right now that he sat down, lest someone see how hard he is.
As he was sipping his single malt, he notices a beautiful woman with a man coming towards him. Instantly his mind is on high alert. They are not his acquaintance. If they were, he would have remembered that sexy lady. Either someone brought a guest or practically his enemy-in-disguise. He should ask the security to be conscious next time not to let uninvited guests to enter.


To be continued…


  1. Nice story...
    Interested in next post...

  2. story is progressing well....give us the next part soon.

  3. interesting narration,madhu.. Whip up part II soon !

  4. Wah ji wah great start, excellent story...
    part II coming on ... :) jaldi jaldi


  5. Who knows? A writer in hiding ! keep on writing.You have a way with words.

  6. Madhu,This is far from boring,I can see you have a way with words.Excellent narration:)!!! look forward to more...

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