Wednesday, December 8, 2010

From 9 to 19 to...errr

ha ha! I wish I could remain at 19 but I am not! We all grow up don't we? In the next few weeks I would be celebrating my birthday. When I was in my train last night, lost in thoughts as usual, I started reflecting on how I have changed over a period of time. If I were given a chance to go back change my life, I would not change anything except a few things here or there. But then, without bad experiences would I be still the same person that I am right now?

Over the years I have realized that no one but I am responsible for my own happiness. I have to learn to be happy irrespective of what the circumstances are. Usually I would have choices in the worst of the circumstances. Sometimes I get angry...only some times. Other times I just let it be. I have also learned that its OK to be angry and its to get tears in our eyes. Its OK, because I say so. It might not be the same with anyone else. This happens to me every time I have a fight with anyone!

I have learned that it is not possible to make everyone happy because some of them just do not want to be happy no matter how much we try. So, either brood over the fact that they are always upset or just let it pass...I have to make a choice. Usually I do let it pass. Usually we tend to apply this at work.

What I feel about myself is important to me.

I learned that people come as a package. Its OK if the person I am interacting with has a few 'flaws' (if you want to call that). Every quality in him/her defines what they are. Attempting to change them would only wreck them and the outcome might not be what you wanted to begin with. If I value the person as a whole, I should accept the person, complete with the qualities I do not like in him/her. Of course its not easy. But, we have to learn to accept the fact that they are a different person. I cannot and should not expect them to be like me or expect that they should agree with me every time. This happens all the time in friendships.

I dont have to agree with everything the other person says. Its OK to disagree respectfully. At the same time, I should not expect that the other person should agree with everything I say either!
I do tend to get busy at times, I learned that making small efforts like baking cookies on a Sunday morning would come a long way.

Sometimes I do not think what I say. This happens when I am with someone very close to me. I should learn to think twice even before opening my mouth in front of someone who is close to me also.

More to add...later.


  1. lol.. As long as the heart is 19,nothing else matters,right?. lovely post ! I have trouble grasping the "people come as a package" concept..advance happy bday wishes.. hope all your dreams come true !

  2. The important thing is to learn to age gracefully, to be happy about each day we live.We are no one to judge others,yes,you said it right.Every person is a package.Either take it as a whole or leave it.
    There is no point in opening our mouths all the time,even though we disagree.We can just antagonize people,nothing more.Striking a balance at everything we do, is not as easy as said.
    Have a wonderful birthday.And grow younger!

  3. yayyyyyyy just my way Its the heart which matters the most .. Keep it young life will be young og nad do what u want to HOW u want to
    and it will be lovey

    and happy birthday tooooo :) when was it or is it ... and birthday cakeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee